My work — which has taken the form of books, articles, concerts, and installations — can be found across mass/mainstream, critical/academic, and emergent/underground channels. Sometimes my intention is to critique and suggest, other times to arouse and entertain, yet others to transform and advance.

In the past, my performances involved singing in an all-girl punk band, then as a solo dance-music artist, but now my theatricality is reserved for the classroom, where I teach undergraduates about art, culture, literature, and film.

After years of living in Berlin, Tel Aviv, and New York City, I currently reside in Los Angeles, which affords me the space (literal and figurative) to invent and imagine what’s next for myself and the world around me.

My books, Cindy Sherman’s Office Killer: Another Kind of MonsterQueen of HeartsSeduce Me, Breathe With Me, I’ve Been a Naughty Girland Lovergirl, as well as my album Plastique, are available on Amazon.

More information can be found on my Facebook page.

Thanks for reading.


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