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Hello! As we launch into yet another holiday season and the end of yet another year, I thought I would take the opportunity to send my love and a not-so-subtle reminder that my book list could provide quite a few stocking stuffers and Menorah accessories. It’s been quite a year, and I, for one, am happy to have it wind down, leaving hopefully all of us with a brief respite before 2015 launches into high gear. I, for one, could use a few days of rest and TV watching. How about you?

Happy holidays, however you choose to spend them!

Lots of love,

Cindy Sherman’s Office Killer: Another Kind of Monster

The first critical discussion of Sherman’s only foray into filmmaking explores Sherman’s photographs through a discussion of the film Office Killer, while also looking at the film as a response to changes in society during the late 1990s. This book was a labor of love, consuming approximately five years of my life. As a result, I finally got to meet Cindy herself a few months ago — and she’s even more charming than you can imagine.

Breathe With Me

This interactive novel invites you to test-drive your reactions to various social, sexual, and romantic circumstances…to notice your own patterns…and, if you don’t like where they take you, to wipe the slate clean. It really is an erotic choose-your-own adventure where you have the freedom (and safety) to find out “what if.”

I’ve Been a Naughty Girl

These short stories explore what happens when desire takes over, when seduction is the only rule, and lovers, ex-lovers, and wanna-be lovers are all fair game.


This is the story of Adrian, a good girl from the suburbs living in New York City. There she finds the “adult entertainment” industry–and an opportunity to indulge her steamy secret obsessions. Inside a world no one wants to discuss, she’s finally able to be herself. Told in an explicit diary-style, this is an authentic look at the NYC sex industry, based on interviews and personal experiences.

Queen of Hearts 

In the sequel to Lovergirl, Adrian falls for Rafael, the sexy Spanish magician, only to discover that a man who traffics in illusions may not know how to be real. In this book, my most latest novel, the dark, sexy world of magic — and the famous Magic Castle — is explored through a seductive love triangle between one girl and two very different magicians.

Seduce Me

This collection of short stories lays bare the secrets of desire in stories of sensuous encounters, illicit affairs, forbidden passions—and obsessive hungers that must be satisfied, no matter where or when they arise.


This is an album I recorded when I was a cabaret performer in Berlin. Think of it as a collective soundtrack to my books. PS., if you prefer to buy music from iTUNES, please click HERE or you can find it on Spotify HERE.

— Dahlia


[ amazing photo above by Ana J ]