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Dearest readers —

Wondering about this newsletter’s subject line?

It’s a quote from the funny, friendly, fascinating Dr Stephen Mamber, Chair of The Cinema And Media Studies Program at The University Of California (Los Angeles).

I really appreciate this blurb because it makes me believe that maybe people aren’t just learning from my latest book, CINDY SHERMAN’S OFFICE KILLER: ANOTHER KIND OF MONSTER, but having fun with it–and its subjects–as well.

While I consider some in-depth research and analysis of future Jem And The Holograms star Molly Ringwald and her cinematic oeuvre, here are some other recent (very kind) reviews:

According to Dr Toby Miller, Sir Walter Murdoch Professor of Cultural Studies at Murdoch University:

If there is anyone better qualified to write about Cindy Sherman than Dahlia Schweitzer then I’m the head of the Smithsonian. Which I’m not. Smart, sassy, and scholarly all at once, this is a wonderful book.

I was surprised and delighted to receive this commentary from Florina Rodov, who played the receptionist in OFFICE KILLER:

Schweitzer succeeds in doing what she set out to do–valorizing OFFICE KILLER—by dissecting it in such a vivid and compelling way that it can be seen in a new light. Even though I appeared in the film, I dismissed it, along with everyone else. But I now see its importance—and its connections to films like MILDRED PIERCE, which I just so happen to love. Reading the book, I felt like I was in my very own seminar, emerging from the experience with knowledge of Cindy Sherman, mass media, gender identity, and more.

Last but certainly not least, Dr Will Brooker, editor of CINEMA JOURNAL, says:

Dahlia Schweitzer’s Cindy Sherman’s Office Killer: Another Kind of Monster is not just a study of this critically-, commercially-, and perhaps even criminally-overlooked film: it is an immersion in the world of Office Killer.  Schweitzer’s deft, witty, and empathetic prose takes the reader from the corporate space of Constant Consumer magazine, through the confining domestic structures of the film’s protagonist, Dorine, and down to the basement where her victims find a new home. As our tour guide through this female-centered environment, Schweitzer encourages our sympathy in strange, surprising places, pointing out telling details, cluing us into the cultural context, and analysing the uneasy atmosphere. If Office Killer is the movie of Sherman’s famous photographs, this is another kind of text that deserves to be considered alongside them: an authentic and compelling love letter from Schweitzer to Sherman.

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As many of you already know, in addition to promoting MONSTER, I’m continuing my studies as a PhD student in Cinema and Media Studies at The University Of California (Los Angeles).

It’s in this capacity that I’ve recently won some very nice awards and grants, listed below. If you want to know more, please tap or click the appropriate text:




Thanks to all of the advisors, professors, evaluators, and administrators who mentored and/or selected me for these most prestigious honors. I appreciate them–and the studies they’ll allow me to continue.

Before we part ways, a couple of audio-video delights.

First, a podcast with Andrew Mayer, a very good friend of mine (and fellow author!) for many years now. Here we talk about Berlin, New York City, blogging, self-publishing, earning livings as artists, and the ten-year anniversary of my book LOVERGIRL.


Second, my appearance on the BRAVO television series THE ONLINE DATING RITUALS OF THE AMERICAN MALE. As I should have known, what I was pitched, and how I experienced my date, bore little resemblance to what got aired. Still, it was an interesting, illuminating experience–and good promotion for my previous publishing project, four interlocking, erotically charged, fictional volumes for Toronto’s BAO HOUSE imprint.


Well, dearest readers, that’s all for now. With warmest wishes for the sultriest of summers, this is…

— Dahlia XO


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