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(This was written for me by my fan/friend Andrew. It was too good not to share with all of you. Thank you, Andrew.)

SONG-O-MATIC: #7 of 52 The Selfies of OKC
Tune: The Selkie of Sule Skerry (Childe #113)
For Dahlia Schweitzer

A comely lass, she sits online
And with her heart upon her sleeve
Sings, Little ken I my bairn’s father
Nor yet with whom I wouldst conceive

To OK Cupid she has come
And mickle men are on display
Posed grinning toward their outstretched arm
And this is what they have to say….

(First man)
I am a man on OKC
I have a selfie of my head
And when you gaze upon my hair
It seems I just got out of bed.

(Second man)
I love to show off my physique
My selfie’s topless, drenched in sweat
My abs are chiseled, hard as rock
What’s in my skull is harder yet.

(Third man)
I’m at some party, beer in hand
My face looks like I’m going to hurl
It’s all I had to post online
It should attract some classy girl.

(Fourth man)
I pose with duck-lips on display
My eyes bug out, I’m such a clown
An “I’m With Stupid” shirt I wear
The arrow should be pointing down.

And she has cast them all aside
And claimed instead a suitor slick
Who asked a gay or female friend
To take for him his profile pic.