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Almog Gabay.

I’m in Israel at the moment which is known for its beautiful women, while the men receive far less press.

This is unfortunate.

Because coming from emasculated, metrosexual Los Angeles, a trip to Tel Aviv is like a splash in a testosterone bath.

I’m not saying I want to date all these men, or that I want to run off with the more macho of the race, but I will say that it is a refreshing change of pace and a delightful addition to the scenery.

Perhaps I have been living in LA for too long (strike that, I know I have). I felt similarly when I visited Italy. There’s just something about these strong, sexy Mediterranean types, with their easy confidence and striking looks, that makes me want to ship them straight back to the west coast. Or jump on the back of a Vespa and take a ride around the Colosseum.

These are men (and I’m making sweeping generalizations here, and I’m okay with that) who aren’t afraid of women, whose ambition translates just as easily to dating as it does to the workplace. These men hear your “maybe” as a challenge to sweep you off your feet. These are men who know what they want and go after it, and they expect anything worth having to take a little work, if not a lot of work, and that’s just part of the game.

They may wear a lot of hair gel, may be a little heavy with the cologne, or wear the occasional gold chain, but I overlook that, because I imagine that these men would not be intimidated by me, and that is the fantasy I cannot get out of my head. They might even have the audacity to boss me around.

These are not the whiny neurotic west coast Jews I briefly interacted with on JDate — or the Larry David clones who are common in New York and LA. Out here, the sun and the threat of war must harden them. Oh, they still love their mothers, but that love often translates to a respect for the family and weekly family dinners.

In LA, it can feel like everyone is an orphan. In LA, it can feel like everyone is aimless, floating, unfocused, distracted. In LA, it can feel like real men are an endangered species worthy of note and attention, even if they also like the occasional gold chain. In LA, the closest I get to what I find out here usually comes wearing Ed Hardy, and that’s not an option.

I may not be looking to emigrate, but I am enjoying the view while I’m here.

PS. James Franco is Jewish?! And, um, Joseph Gordon Levitt? Maybe LA isn’t so bad, after all…