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Dearest reader,

Hello! How are you today? All is well here; I’ve just finished writing my Holiday 2013 newsletter.

This time, I didn’t want to produce yet another digital, ephemeral recap ofwhat’s happening for me, me, me. Or, at least, not just that.

While self-promotion remains a necessary evil for writers (and, increasingly, teachers), I also wanted to touch upon the spirit of the season–the staying power, melancholy nostalgia, and gradual disappearance of written communication.

So I came up with something kind of old-fashioned but also kind of new: a different type of newsletter that can be enjoyed digitally (on just about any device, with access to lots of hypercontent) or as a print-out (for a more intimate moment).

Interested? Just download your copy via this link.

Please feel free to share with friends who may be interested.  Also, I love hearing from readers, so please also feel free to write back and share your thoughts. Wishing you the happiest of  holidays, past, present, and future…

—  Dahlia XO