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The Breathe With Me journey started back in 2008, when I first started trying to get it published. I went through three different agents (plus one agent who picked it up but then changed her mind the following week). My email box is littered with query letters sent out to countless publishers.

When I first conceived of the book, and then when I wrote it, I was excited about the fact that it was different. It was a concept that was new and unexpected. It was erotica, but it was also a choose your own adventure. It was, in my opinion, the perfect combination of genres. After all, isn’t fantasy based on personal preference? The reason there are so many different niches of pornography is so that every single fetish can be indulged. You want Asian girls dressed like cops? You got it. You want fat girls dressed like pussy cats? You got it. You want firemen twirling fire? I’m sure that’s out there, too.

The problem with conventional literature is that it is fixed. The writer decides what happens, whom the protagonist is, and where the protagonist will go.

This makes niche-indulging a little tricky. The reader has to give up a certain amount of power by virtue of the medium. That’s how books work. That’s why video games are so damn appealing. Video games put the power in the the hands of whomever holds the controller. Books can’t do this.

Except for this one.

The premise behind Breathe With Me is interactivity. You can make your own experience, indulge your own fantasies. And the best part is that you can do it all without worrying about the repercussions.

Want to know what happens if you go home with your ex? Turn to the right page.

Want to know what happens if you hook up with the hot bartender? Just choose that option.

Want to pick up that guy whose flirting with you? You can.

And when you make a mistake, all you have to do is start over. You can wipe the slate clean. You can do it all over again.

Five years after I first wrote it, five years after I got rejected by agents and publishers who loved the idea but didn’t know what to do with it or where to place it, the book is finally out.

In publishing, being different may be a drawback. In real life, being different may be difficult.

But being different can also be awesome.

Have you ever read an erotic choose your own adventure? No? Well, then what are you waiting for? Order yours today.