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When it comes to sex and romance, what if you could pursue every option, explore every possibility, without any of the risk or heartache? What if you could see the results of hooking up with your ex…go home with the hot chick behind the bar…explore kinks and fetishes without any of the fear, worry, or (worst of all) regret?

Welcome to BREATHE WITH ME, the first interactive novel by erotic storyteller DAHLIA SCHWEITZER. This entertaining, illuminating volume invites readers like you to test-drive your reactions to various social, sexual, and romantic circumstances…to notice your own patterns…and, if you don’t like where they take you, to wipe the slate clean.

In one dizzying night (and a jam-packed morning after), you’ll hit the streets of Los Angeles, living the life you’ve wanted but never dared to pursue. Go home with the bartender. Enjoy a threesome at The Standard. Indulge in that same-sex experience you’ve been fantasizing about. Seduce a sexy artist–or your own ex. Whatever option you choose, you can always start over.