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I decided to work again later that day. I wanted every hundred I could get. The more I saved up now, the more secure I would feel. I called the office to tell them I was on, and I got Nicole. I’d never met her before.

“I’ve got a job for you.”

“Perfect.” That was fast.

“It’s for midnight.”

“Midnight? I was hoping for something earlier.” It was still only around 7:30. I’d hoped to have a session or two and then be in bed around midnight.

“Honey, sometimes you gotta take what you can get.”

I didn’t understand. It had never been slim pickings before. Was I already washed up? Old news? “But isn’t there anything earlier?”

“If something comes up before then, I’ll book you, but I’m going to reserve you for midnight.”

“I really don’t know if I want something that late.”

“It’s only a few hours. Why don’t you come by the office so I can see you? I don’t like to book girls that I haven’t seen.”

Fuck. It was really cold outside. I didn’t want to have to go to midtown to meet her for some job that might or might not even happen. But I also felt like I’d never get booked if I didn’t go.

“Okay. I’ll come by.” Maybe Ron would be there, and he’d take me for a few hours.

He was, but he didn’t. Instead, we flirted while I waited for Nicole to get off the phone, talking about mindless things, and then he offered me a job. A real job. Not an escorting job. A nine-to-five paycheck job.

It turned out that, in addition to this whole escort agency pimp thing he had going on, he also owned over six hundred adult-related websites, and they were limping along, without any sort of leadership or organization. He claimed he wasn’t making any money off them simply because he didn’t have anyone paying attention. He wanted me to run the show, to be the Manager of Online Services for his company. I couldn’t believe it.

I told Nicole that I couldn’t work the midnight session after all and asked Ron if he wanted to grab a drink. I wanted to talk more about this. The other phone girls looked at us strangely as we left together, but I didn’t care. I was way too curious about where this could lead.

“Where are you going, Ron?” Jackie asked.

“I’m just going to give Sydney a ride home, and then I’m going to go by the other office.”

They were skeptical. I’m sure they thought that he was keeping me from working so that he could have me for himself. I was too busy enjoying the confused looks on their faces to wonder what the other office was or where or what it was for.

We went out for drinks and talked about the job. Ron was serious. He wanted me to work for him, full-time. I told him I’d think about it and meet with him again the following week. I couldn’t believe it. He barely knew me. He certainly had never seen my resume. Maybe Sunday had been a way for him to feel me out?

Ron asked me what kind of salary I would want. I had no idea how much someone would make in that job. I certainly had no frame of reference. What did I know about the real world, much less the real porn world? So I took what I was making at my current job and doubled it. That felt like a nice even number. He said yes without hesitation.

I was floored—and kicking myself for not tripling the amount. If I took this job, I’d make enough money to quit escorting. I’d make enough money to stop worrying about money. And, even more significantly, I’d truly have reinvented myself. Porn would be my life.