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Jackie called me to follow up.  I never heard from Kelly.  Alan called me to set up my trial session, but I told him I had to figure out my schedule and that I’d call him back, but I didn’t.  I had decided to stick with Jackie. Tempting as the safety of in-house work felt, there was definitely something sketchy about the whole arrangement, and I didn’t feel like taking a chance.  My interview with him had felt too different from the other two agencies I visited—the blonde girl who had let me in had seemed too preppy, the fact that I was interviewed by a man (and specifically a man like him), the movie set feel of the living room, the frequency with which Alan had alluded directly to sex.  Maybe it would have been fine, but I didn’t want to risk it.

I knew I’d only be able to manage working for Kelly for maybe a month, and my regular job would definitely suffer.  Jackie’s arrangement, on the other hand, was perfect.  As long as I made the money she promised, I could work a few hours a week and still have more than enough cash to put in the bank and pay my rent.  I could work late when I didn’t have anything better to do, or I could cut out after only one session.

I told Jackie I’d ordered a cell phone.  I got a thrill out of pretending to be a high-class hooker, even though I still had no idea what would really be expected of me. I figured I wouldn’t find out for sure until my first night on the job. Hopefully, my clueless naivete wouldn’t be too transparent to my client.

There was no question that I was more scared and worried than I’d been before—

 little bunny sinks deeper into the tar pit of the NYC sex world.   I could only imagine my life as a newspaper headline: Suburban Girl Works In World of Sin!  Nude Photos!  Sexy Stripper’s Suburban Secrets!  But I needed the money, at least temporarily, so I had to do it.  I had to do it.  My current apartment situation was quickly becoming a disaster. I needed my own apartment. This was simply the price I to pay for not having a roommate. After bouncing around from sublet to sketchy roommate situation, I was currently living on 12th Street, with a woman who had moved the dining room table into her bedroom because she decided she didn’t want me using it anymore. I was over these crazy people. I wanted my own place and a feeling of permanence.