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When I went in to get my profile set up, Jackie told me I couldn’t use the name Carla after all, because it was too similar to another girl’s name.

“What kind of name do you think I should have?”  I really had no idea what to go for and didn’t care.  I felt like I was about to spawn a brand new creature, and I was just excited about the possibilities.

“Let me see, sugar…” her voice trailed off, and I pictured her lost in thought.  “I see you as something Southern, sophisticated.”

Southern?  Sophisticated?  Me?  I gave Jackie credit for having a vision.

We discussed names for a few minutes.  I suggested Madison, a name I’d always had a fondness for, but Jackie didn’t like it.  We didn’t want anything too bland, so Mary, Suzie, etc., were out.  We settled on Sydney, just like the gorgeous chick on Melrose Place, who had red hair sort of like mine. 

Jackie got excited.

“Oh, baby, I can’t wait to set you up.” 

I couldn’t wait, either.  Her excitement was infectious.

“We’ve got some regulars that are going to love you.  Once you’re up on our website, we’ll totally make you one of our top girls.”

“Oh, yeah?”  I laughed.  “And what does that mean?”

“That means we get to charge $1000 an hour for your services.  You’ll be just like Samantha.”

Jackie showed me Samantha’s picture on the website.  Samantha was gorgeous— blonde, ex-dancer, Playboy model.  I didn’t think I’d ever be “just like Samantha,” but I was willing to try my best.  $1000 an hour would be more than I could imagine, even though I knew that just meant $500 for me.

I told Jackie I’d call early next week with my cell phone number and set to work creating Sydney’s profile for their website.


Hair color: red

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 115

Orientation: bi-sexual

Eye color: blue

Age: 23

Location: New York City


About me: Sydney got her start as a dancer.  Born in the South and raised to be a good girl, she couldn’t resist the allure of being a naughty girl in skimpy clothes.  After moving to New York, she wanted to try something new and she gave nude modeling and adult films a try.  Bored with that, Sydney decided to explore the glamorous world of escorts.  Sassy and sophisticated, why don’t you give her a call?