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Jessie called me today to tell me that Rick wanted me to come back—and to tell me about Justin.

“Justin comes to the dungeon about once a week.  He’s got a…dental fixation.”  She paused.  “He likes girls to play with his teeth and inject him with Novocain.”

“Novocain?  Are you serious?” I couldn’t imagine choosing to have that injected into my mouth.  “Where do you get the Novocain?”

“He brings it with him.” 

I nodded. I had no idea what to say.

 “The catch is, he likes a different girl every week.”

She paused again.  I could see how that might be a problem, and I was starting to figure out where she was going with this.

“Rick thought maybe you might want to come back and do Justin…?”

She was hesitant.  I was even more so.

“I’d help you out,” she said.  “I could show you what you need to do.”

With Jessie there, it might not be that bad.  I could come in, pump him up with Novocain, pocket the money, and split before the experience had a chance to work itself into my dreams. 

Then I started wondering what was more fucked up—the fact that Justin would pay to have a different girl stick painkillers into his mouth, or the fact that I was considering providing the service?

I needed to find alternate sources of adrenaline just as much as Justin did.

I told Jessie no and started looking for a different place to work.